Music Therapy EP

by Kenny Sharp

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released December 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Kenny Sharp Washington, D.C.

Kenny Sharp is an emerging artistfrom the Washington D.C. area.

His debut EP, Music Therapy, is a vibrant fusion of original Hip-hop/R&B.

A military brat raised mostly in the Washington D.C. area, Kenny graduated from Washington and Lee University studying Music and Mass Communications.

Also a producer,Kenny attributes his sound to influences in hip-hop, blues, and classic rock.
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Track Name: Growth (Mellow)
Everybody wants to be somebody, but nobody wants to grow
They say, "Aye', that's too slow" They say, "Aye', that's too slow"


Everybody wants to be somebody, but nobody wants to grow
They say, "Aye', that's too slow.."

They don't know

We are never as beautiful as we are now
We are never as beautiful as we are now
"Girl the stars out, look everything's Mellow"
...Just let everything Mellow

A nice young fellow, says, "Hello"
With a cigarillo
Going on a drive. To the next level
Riding with the La-La, the car mellow (Carmelo)
Stars yellow, I see several
No clouds, at least not till now
But those don't seem to bring me down
Those come from a place we called uptown
Moved out my old mind state
Taxes too great. Couldn't enjoy the cash that I made
So my mind's in Florida like it's still spring break


We need to speak, vis-a-vis
Face to face?
Yes, yes, oui oui. We've been asleep like Mr. Bean
In this here rat race, where cats chase cheese
Now all my beats get Laced like sneaks
Kicks so rare, can't find these
..At the mall with my best friend in Carolina
She's about to get me out the way on something to eat
Her cousin works downstairs at the Apple Store
He's about to get us out the way on some of the tree
...Just like tumbleweed as we roll
We had to move, in order to grow

Track Name: Words We Say
She'd say
"Do me like a drug and hold me close. till' we overdose (doze) off and go to sleep."
..Making love made us weak
We'd wake up to Swisher Sweets, but we'd been sour for weeks
Trust, turned to lust is all that's left tween' her and me
Though we're jonesing. We mutually agreed
We're not meant to be. Must have growth fore' we proceed
Both broken
Maturity is what we'd need. Unfortunately, that was something best learned individually
So we'd lay beneath the sheets. Unwilling to accept defeat
Or overlook deceit
Tears streaming down her cheek, looked in my eyes
And asked if I think our lives might in sync
And if we'd be more complete when we next meet, forever linked
And intertwined
I'd say, "Bay', don't lose no sleep. I got to make these beats or else my goals are never reached
I got to climb
There's no time to check you do the same."
Said she'd be forever mine
We both knew we were lying but we'd say

"Love you, Always"
"Leave you? Never."
"I'll be here for you Forever"
Always, Never and Forever
Words we say all the time
Especially when we're lying

We'd say

"Love you, Always"
"Leave you? Never."
"I'll be here for you Forever"
Always, Never and Forever
Words we say all the time
Especially when we're lying

Verse 2:
So I know we're not together now, and probably shouldn't mess around
Cause' that complicates the mess, but the temptation of the flesh
Had me thinking about that dress, that you were wearing when we met
Same time I'd get that text. Drenched in overtones of sex
Just says, "I'm lonely.."
I'd say yes to your request. You'd arrive at my address
And ya'll can guess what happened next..
Same ol' story
Probably just as you suspect. Addicted and can't quit it like we need some Nicorette
While we physically connect. We still have issues to correct
Took us back a couple steps, but when you're young, what you expect?
Can't leave each other lone' can't call each other grown
Cause' a relationship's two people that can function on their own
Since she still don't really know, exactly who she'd like to be
Guess she'll focus more on that, and be less involved with me
I'll focus on the raps, and getting nicer with the beats
Cause' if I never handle that they say this cycle might repeat
Where we say...


Track Name: Doorman
"Fill it up please sir", that's what they say to the bartender.
He responds in kind and kindly points them toward the tip cup,
Right beside him, at the makeshift bar.
Says, "Boy watch me close, looks like we've got some big spenders...
Heavy drinkers...but this here, no this here
Ain't no normal Long Island Iced Tea,
No this is homemade.
Sure to knock you on your keister.
They say they can't taste the liquor
Watch them turn into believers."
I say, "Good luck,"
Right before I duck
Back in the Front room
The DJ plays the rap tunes
The night's heating up
I'm posted in the cut
On Duty
This private party isn't for me truly
A young lady runs into me
As she stumbles out the bathroom
In a two-piece bathing suit
"..There's no swimming pool?"
I step back to get a better view
She says,"Excuse me baby, now just
Who are you?"

Posted in a corner
Streetwalker, Sweet talker
"Oh, I'm supposed to count your dollars
And watch this door. If you need me
Just holler"


Verse 2:
At her other job, it's all about the grind
Even off the clock, has the money on her mind
She's not underpaid, still puts in overtime
"Oh that's why she was running late?"
Walked in with a friend...Like A Pimp
David Banner, Lil Flip
How ironic then, that this record spins
All the men, been there since 10
They're three sheets to the wind
When the show begins
He wore construction workers' Tims
And a wave cap, pulled back
His hair was gray, the skully was black
Head leaning, thought he took a nap
She gets closer, and he throws a stack
She throws it back
Now he'd like to get more intimate
She acts cool, but she's still about her business
They walk past, he looks at me suspiciously...
Like, "Who are you?"
..I just wanted to ask the same


She says, "Thank you darling"
And I'm like, "Sure, problem
But wait, pardon babe
You never told me, who are you?
She say, "They call me the party starter!"
Say she the reason why they popping bottles. (Oh I know)
I'm like, "But really, who are you?"
I say, "But really, who are you?!"
Who are you?


Track Name: OCD
Caught in your quicksand
Sinking deeper the harder I try
Every time I close my eyes
I see the same thing
Every time I close my eyes
...You're the only thing on my mind

If you were the Sky, then I'd be the Sea
Whenever you shine, it reflects in me
If you were the Sky, then I'd be the Sea
Calm and steady
But if you want to get rough I'm ready

Don't tell me what you think
Tell me how you feel
Cause' your feelings don't think
And I need to know its real
So when the lights down low
And everything is still
Then tell me how you feel
(You're the only thing on my mind)


Verse 2:
If you were the Sky, then I'd be the Sea
Shining bright as two Suns on the horizon
At sun set when we meet
If you were the Sky, then I'd be the Sea
Calm and Steady
But if you want to get rough I'm ready


Track Name: Appearances (Almost Cut My Hair)
I started life clear on wrong and right
Saw black and white, such a young pup then
All bark no bite, took awhile before I saw the light's
Not always bright. Sometimes it's Sprite, sometimes it's spiked
It's hard to tell all on First sight. So think Twice
Like an ump on the Third strike
Heard they're calling people Out just to be Safe
But there's no instant replays in real life
Feels like the devil's coming at me with a steel pipe
I picture him disguised as Iron Mike
And they ain't tell me if it's fight or flight? (Do Both!)
Do Both? I guess the brother's right
Get fly and touch the sky like the Brothers Wright
And jab like Winky. Sack of something stinky
Got me built to deal with pain a little better than some others might
But back in the days, I used to never see the grays
So many different shades, Thank the Lord it's just a phase

It isn't what it looks like
You think you know
But it isn't what it looks like


Verse 2:
Set my mind free. Let my mind be flying through space and time
Einstein simply could not imagine. The visions of Alladin
That jump to Chappie James, Flying through my brain
Trying to gain ground, against the Grain now
Went from ABC stores in VA to my man's house
Bout half an hour away, from where we stay
The distance was only 8 miles, but traffic extends the day
..Like lights in a casino such as the Mandalay Bay
And life's a gamble but hey, before the gamble we pray
Pray He guides us in the chances we take, trying to tempt fate
Take destiny on a date with me
Tell opportunity I'll leave the key no need to knock
..Steaming hot pot of spaghetti twisted in knots
For four men that eat in silence as the television watches them
Not long before they're on the clock again
Right back to the grind. Little extra spit shine this time
Work as hard as you play. No work when the music plays
The mood follows the muse
My muse follows no rules
THe most elusive woman I've pursued
Eyes glued to the tube round 2
Eyes Red, news Blue, what's new?
Man I hope the Green gives me sweet dreams
Fore I rise. 6:45. Sounds windy outside
Grabbed a hoodie like Tra, hoodie gray like the day...
With Tra, only thing I can say
These racist almost make me want to Cut My Hair

Track Name: Will I Love You
Will I Love you in the morning?
I really hope so
I can't wait, to get home...

I won't find what I'm looking for
Till I decide to look no more
I still hope to find love soon
But until then I'll sing this tune

We made love underneath the moon
..If I know love, and I think I do
I think its you. Every time
Every time it's new, til' my love is true

But Will I Love you in the morning?
I really hope so
I can't wait, to get home
And turn you on

I never love them in the morning
There's a lot of different names
Why's it always feel the same?

I know why you seem so sad
You just want what others have
You won't find what you're looking for
Till you decide to look no more

We made love in dim lit rooms
We don't know love, we pretend we do
I'll pretend it's true. Every time
Every time it's new. Tonight it's you babe

Will I love you in the morning?
I really hope so
I can't wait. To get home
And turn you on...

I never love them in the morning
There's a lot of different names
Why's it always feel the same

I never loved them in the morning
Man I rarely took them out in public
The feelings come and gone, since I first turned them on
Quick to find something wrong
Stuck in a pattern, trying to make magic
Knowing this ain't something you can Make happen
Out there searching for my destiny
John Lennon sang, "Let it Be"
When we met, I had post traumatic stress
Stressed over love lost. Fighting myself
They say, all is fair in love and war
I'm up against a wall
On a late night, anxious as hell
Said you could tell
Told me go with the flow
Your flow was so dope
I got you high off smoke
You got me high on life
That wasn't my drug of choice, we got too high that night
Been building up my tolerance ever since
First night swear I'm convinced, but babe

Will I Love You in the Morning?
I really don't know
I can't wait. To get home
And turn you on

I never loved them in the morning
There's a lot of different names
Why's it always feel the same?

"You tired babe?", cause' you've been running through my mind all day
..Don't take it the wrong way, I'm only playing
I just want you to understand, I'm the man
That wants you more, don't you want to travel shore to shore
Like on a tour?
I'm just saying I see us going places
I can't ignore, your allure
Was unsure before, ain't know what to say I was just overthinking
But Grandmama told me
"Finish what you start boy, if you know what you want in your heart boy,"
I think I do..
Cause' I can't help but think of you
The pickup lines was corny, I was joking, but I meant it too
..Now I ain't saying you're the one
But you're the one remind me how to have fun
You're a song
In this song about songs
Love and Music
I can't wait to turn you on

And that's every single morning
Cause' you sing to my soul
Your voice, takes me home
Track Name: Music Therapy
I start with an apology, to break with a part of me
And beat those into archaeology who might like to dig up dirt.
It hurts, but no worse than the pain I inflicted on her,
Myself, and anyone else that taught me enough to know better.
I'll address family later..
Moving on, I wrote this poem to say sorry.
I knew your story.
I knew dudes before me had put hands on you without permission.
Security was attractive to you in the beginning,
But I did not have the experience to fill that job description.
I hesitate to say I lost control because I'm not sure I'd ever had it.
A boy, not grown.
Held back by demons unknown to you and perhaps to me.
Doesn't matter how you've acted before or after.
I'll take a brief look backwards then open into a new chapter.
Where I pray for me and I pray for you. I grew.
The only was through Saturday (sadder days) to Sundays.
When sun rays beam down now I can smile.
But remember trials after the trial?
Really had me down for awhile.
See it so clearly now from this dark, padded room.
...I'm in the vocal booth.
The place where I found my truth.
One truth that I could not escape was that we do things both terrible and great
And I was no different than anyone else.
But that helped me escape part of the hate that I had built for myself.
Despite the love my mother would share with me.
I call this Music Therapy...